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Beautiful skin. We all want it and most of us will spend a fortune, A FORTUNE, over the counter on cosmetics and promises in jars and bottles and tubes in search of a perfect complexion. Our cupboards become crowded with lotions and potions because none of them deliver simply by being there on the shelf and most of them can’t work the miracles the manufacturer promises even if you do apply them religiously.

Prevention is better than cure, if you have great skin; LOOK AFTER IT NOW. Use a sunscreen SPF25 or above all year round as your daily moisturiser.  Don’t rely on foundations and moisturisers with an SPF15 .

The cynical and well read among you will know that most beauty products sit on the surface of the skin, the surface layer is a barrier we rely on, a layer of dead, dry, empty, flat cells. All the vitamins and pentopeptides and Boswolox in the world will not revive them. Nor will these valuable and active ingredients get past them to the cells in the growing layer where they could do some good.  This layer of cell corpses is essential protection against murderous UV light, environmental toxins, unwanted chemicals, it is also waterproofing both ways.

Science is making exciting strides in the right direction and more and more products and treatments are available that really deliver results.

Over the counter skincare now comes with proven anti-aging ingredients;
Whilst an increasing number of top brand names include these ingredients they do not necessarily contain high enough doses to make a difference or the means to deliver these ingredients beyond the dead cells on the surface.  Consider them as a treat for the skin rather than a treatment.

Cosmeceutical skin care prescribed in salons and clinics usually contains active ingredients in doses high enough to deliver a real improvement in the quality and texture of the skin and the skin care specialist can advise you and monitor your progress.  If you can buy it over the counter without an assessment and consultation then you can assume you are buying a treat rather than a treatment.

One of the most popular treatments worldwide. A machine blasts sharp micro-particles at the skin which lift and remove layers of the dead cells on the surface and then suction removes the debris and stimulates circulation in the skin surface.  The treatment is deeply cleansing, thins the dead grey surface layer revealing fresher brighter skin, and by subtly injuring the skin, stimulates repair mechanisms which over a course of treatments can improve the tone and texture of the skin. There are different levels of treatment ranging from the facial scrub at home, microdermabrasion offered in salons, medical microdermabrasion delivered in Aesthetic Clinics and Dermabrasion offered by surgeons.

Skin Peels; Great for freshening the complexion, fading unwanted brown marks, softening fine lines, tightening pores and clearing acne.  Most peels are acid based and deliver results by stripping the very surface of the skin chemically rather than mechanically. With any injury to the skin comes a repair process leading to denser collagen and elastin. Firmer, clearer, smoother skin.  There are a variety of peels of varying strengths available from the refreshing fruit acid toner you can use daily at home all the way up to the ‘take your face off’ peel performed only by doctors.

Photofacials; Laser, intense pulsed light, light heat energy. Specific wavelengths of light fired into the growth layer of the skin can close broken red veins and stimulate regeneration, again leading to thicker and healthier collagen and elastin.  Tighter pores and firmer softer skin can be achieved over a course of treatments.

Injectables;  Mesotherapy is an increasingly popular way of rejuvenating the skin quite dramatically over a relatively short period of time. Multiple microinjections of, usually hyaluronic acid, a natural and powerful hydrator and antioxidant, super hydrates the skin softening fine lines, firming up crepyness  and giving the skin a soft dewy glow.  This treatment is also effective on necks, décolletage and the backs of hands, neglected areas that give away our age.