Skin Peels


Chemical Peels have a range of benefits;

Used to improve tone and texture, to reduce fine lines, fade pigmentation and improve acne damaged skins. An ideal treatment for young or old, male or female and for all skin types.

The clinic offers a range of peels to enable us to best meet your needs and expectations. Skin exfoliating, resurfacing and the deeper peeling treatments are very helpful for those who want to recondition and refine the skin quickly. Some peels have no down time, your skin can benefit without obvious peeling! Below are brief descriptions of our most popular peels, please take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your individual needs and expectations.

Prices start from £77.00 per peel. Courses or ‘cycles’ are recommended for optimum results depending     on desired outcome. A standard course would be 4 peels 7-14 days apart. Sometimes preparation skin care is required and used throughout the course of treatment.