The good news is that safe, affordable, non-surgical cosmetic treatments are available locally.  You don’t have to go to London to get the latest treatments and the highest standards of care. Emma Davies has over eighteen years experience in London and The South West and works full- time in aesthetic medicine.  She is a recognised expert in the field and has a loyal client base in The South West.

Clinic owner and Registered Nurse, Emma Davies, appreciates that looking like a footballer’s wife or TOWIE girl is not every woman’s goal.

‘I can reassure you that it is entirely possible to have a treatment that doesn’t leave you with that give away pout or frozen and surprised look.’

Horror stories in the press and media leave many concerned about the risks, and in fear of being disfigured. In actual fact, when these treatments are delivered by properly qualified (medical) practitioners, using the best tools, and safe techniques, complications are very rare.

You may imagine treatments delivered with needles will be painful.  Emma employs a number of steps and techniques, to ensure you don’t suffer pain.

‘My treatments aim to leave you with a fresh- faced, natural appearance and most importantly, looking your best.’

You’ve probably read the articles and seen the television programmes, researched Google and possibly spoken to friends, the next step is to book a consultation to receive expert advice and discuss your personal goals and concerns and what can be achieved for you.”

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